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Student Flights is a proud member of the Flight Centre Travel Group, a worldwide leader in corporate social and environmental responsibility.

We are a company that prides ourselves on our social and environmental responsibility journey that aligns how we operate, now and into the future, with globally accepted principles of responsible travel.

For us, responsible travel means operating our business in a manner that respects the environment and wildlife, and benefits local people, their cultures and economies.

Below are the four pillars that define the different commitments we have given and ways we are developing them: 

Wildlife and Environmental

The welfare of animals is very important to us, and we believe that all animals should be treated with dignity, respect and humanity. We are committed to making this a reality and have conducted an audit of our 15,000 suppliers across FCTG who have animals featured within their travel product range to assess animal treatment, identify issues of concern, and take appropriate action.

In our own backyards, we also are embarking on a number of environmental initiatives like working towards banning single use plastic bags and non-biodegradable coffee cups contributing to the ‘War on Waste’ movement.


Social and Economic

To truly deliver responsible travel we must provide travel that benefits local people, their cultures and economies. So wherever possible we promote ‘going local’ and encourage our customers to enjoy locally owned and operated restaurants and bars.

We also urge them to shop in the local markets and stores and utilise the expertise of local guides when booking tours or activities.

We are also strongly committed to issues of social justice and are part of the initiative to wipe out the role that tourism can sometimes play in modern slavery; as a part of this initiative we have removed all orphanage tourism programs from our product ranges. We continue to work towards ensuring that the travel experiences that we provide do not include human exploitation.


Community Engagement

A very important part of Student Flight’s community engagement is found in the works of the Flight Centre Foundation. This charitable arm of FCTG provides staff a way to support nominated charities through workplace giving and fundraising projects.

All donations made by staff are matched dollar for dollar by the company.


Gender Diversity

Across FCTG and similarly in Student Flights, 72 percent of the staff are female and to ensure that we take care of our people, flexibility and mobility across the company are part of the corporate ethos and actively encouraged.

We work with our people to map out an individual path to success (called ‘Brightness of Future’). Also mobility beyond the company is encouraged with Student Flight’s very own

‘Unlimited Leave’ program where staff who meet particular conditions, can go travelling for extended periods and live the Student Flight’s mantra of “Never Stop Travelling”.

We believe as a global player in the travel industry that we have the opportunity to lead the way and bring about change so that all women and men in the travel sector are equally represented, valued and rewarded.

Find out more about Flight Centre Travel Group's commitment to operating responsibly here.


Solar Buddy

As another part of our brands commitment to responsible travel, we’re proud to support Solar Buddy. An Australian Charity dedicated to educating and empowering individuals to help change the lives of children living in energy poverty. Help us illuminate better futures for children around the world and end energy poverty. Check out our Solar Buddy page for more info here.  


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