Rail Passes

If you need to book rail passes for Japan, Britain or Europe, you’re in the right place! Do you love getting the window seat on the plane? Well, train travel is definitely for you! Even if you don’t bag the window seat, you’ll still get to see picturesque countryside while you travel by rail to your next destination. And it’s not just the views you’ll love; train travel is a comfortable, convenient and cheap way to travel. Sound divine? Well, you should book your rail pass with Student Flights.

We’ve got rail passes for a range of destinations overseas and Australian rail travel too. Some of our most popular passes are the Japan Rail Pass – for super high-speed travel on the super-awesome bullet train; the Europe rail pass for travelling around Europe on a shoestring and the British rail pass for getting about the ol’ Motherland.

And like everything travel related, it’s always handy to be prepared. So before you launch off on your epic holiday, you should book your rail pass with us. In many cases you can save a pretty large chunk of money if you book before you arrive at your destination.

Why you’ll dig rail travel.

  1. Make tracks on the cheap. Rail passes are often the most affordable ways to see Europe, Asia and America.
  2. Just pay for your ticket to ride. There are no other costs – like fuel, car insurance, road tolls etc.
  3. Go the distance, leaving little footprints. Unlike plane and road travel, trains are a more environmentally friendly means of travel.
  4. Great for all sorts. Whether you’re a student, travelling in a group or with a family, rail travel can cater to your needs.
  5. Travel overnight and save. If you’re crafty, you can save a bundle on accommodation. Clever!
  6. Travel by train anywhere. Whether you’re looking for international rail travel or Australian rail travel, we can hook you up!