UK Rail Passes

Britain's a pretty tiny country. It hardly warrants plane trips domestically. Your best bet is to travel by British Rail (BritRail). There are trains travelling all over this country – from London to Edinburgh, from London to Newquay and even trains across to the continent from London to Paris.

British Rail Passes

Brit rail passes are great value and offer a convenient and flexible way to explore all of Great Britain and Ireland. You'll find the British Rail map extends to most parts of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. There's so much to see and do in many of these British destinations that you may just find you'd like to stay a little longer – and with the British rail pass that's no problem! You can travel when you want and add extra destinations to your itinerary too. UK trains are the most flexible and hassle-free way to travel the British Isles.

British Rail holidays and destinations

Does a British Rail holiday sound like your cup o' tea? Well, there are so many destinations across this great land that they call Great Britain. Head from London to up north to where the kilted folk live in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Or take a dreamy escape to the historic city of Bath. Cross over the border to Cardiff and say hi to the Welsh kids. And, if you're a keen surfer, you can head all the way down to Newquay in the south of England.